Laptop Cat Scratching Pad, Funny Cat Things For Cat Lovers
Cat Items For Cat Owners, Funny Scratching Pad For Cats
Cardboard Cat Scratch Pad Shaped As  A Laptop
Cat Items For Cat Lovers, Cardboard Scratch Pad For Cats, Laptop Cat Scratching Pad
Laptop Cat Scratching Pad With Changeable Desktop And a Toy Mouse
Funny Cat Toys, Laptop Cat Scratching Pad
Funny Cat Things For Cats, Laptop Cat Scratching Pad
Cat Items For Cat Owners, Carboard Laptop Scratch Pad

Laptop Cat Scratching Pad

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Pounce in purr-suit of the perfect workspace with the Laptop Cat Scratching Pad! Crafted from durable, sturdy corrugated cardboard, it's easy to self-assemble (just follow the illustrated instructions!) and customize by sliding in your own desktop paper. Not to mention, this cardboard cat scratch pad comes with a charmingly fluffy toy mouse. Who says productivity can't be fun-ny?

Ships in 24 hours. Arrives in 4 business days.

Size: 12.6″ x 8.9″ x 10.6″

Material: Cardboard

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Gift Wrap Available

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