Funny Cat Bandana Collar With The Phrase Scaredy Cat Printed On The Front
Cat Halloween Outfits, Orange Cat Bandana Collar With Velcro Closure
Funny Cat Outfits, Scaredy Cat Bandana Collar
Halloween Cat Costumes, Cat Bandana Collar Featuring The Words Scaredy Cat Printed On The Front

Scaredy Cat Bandana

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If your cat is more of a scaredy cat than a roaring lion and doesn't enjoy putting on costumes, try this simple cat bandana collar! The perfect Halloween outfit for scaredy cats who can't stand being dressed up, this cat bandana is easy to put on and off. It adds a little bit of festive mood while at the same time keeping kitty comfy.

A great solution for cats who don't like Halloween costumes, it is made of 100% cotton fabric and features velcro closure. Wide enough to give your cat freedom of movement, it keeps your cat comfortable, stress free and ready for Halloween pictures!

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Size: One Size; Circumference 17"

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