Advice From A Cat Box Sign
Funny Cat Sign for Cat Lovers

Advice From A Cat Box Sign

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What's a cat lover's house without a funny cat sign? Pick this hilarious Advice From A Cat sign and let all your guests know the depths of your cat's wisdom! Whether you place it on the mantel, the bookshelf, or hang it on the wall, make sure to follow at least one of the cat's advice every day. After all, it's not a coincidence cats have 9 lives - they know all the rules for having a good life!

Be frisky. Pounce on possibilities. Enjoy the night life. Always left on your feet. Stretch often. Delight in the simple joy of a long nap. Create your purr-fect day.

Now this is a motto to live by! Don't forget to take a glimpse at it every morning for a boost of paw-sitive energy that keeps you motivated!

This cat sign is made of light yet sturdy wood with a hallow back for a quick and easy display.

Ships in 24 hours.

Size: L 5", W 7.5"; H 1.75

Material: Wood

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