Cute Cat Ear Earmuffs for Women
Cat Earmuffs for Women, Black Kitty Cat Ear Earmuffs

Black Cat Earmuffs

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Stay warm and cozy with these adorable black cat earmuffs! Made from soft faux fur, these cute kitten earmuffs are softer than your cat's fur. Decorated with a set of cat ears embroidered with sequins, they add a playful detail to your cold weather ensemble! Light and comfy to wear, they are the perfect accessory for cat lovers trying to stay warm in the crisp winter months as well as the unpredictable spring and fall weather!

The cat ear earmuffs fold easily into a ball, so you can stick them in your purse, leave them in your glove box and keep them handy just in case you need them!

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Material: Faux Fur

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