These cat earbuds are decorated with a balck cat and a fish bone.
These cute cat earphones are one of our favorite stuff for cat lovers, because they are both fun and functional.
These cat headphones come in sweet pastel colors and in a box for extra convenience.
While one of the earbuds is decorated with a black cat, the other one features a fish.
The perfect cat gift for cat people, these fun headphones feature a cute black cat and a fish printed on each earbud.

Cat and Fish Earbuds

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Don't miss an opportunity to add a pinch of cuteness to something you use every day! These adorable cat earbuds are mismatched and decorated with a cute black cat and a fish. Their candy-like pastel colors add sweetness to your morning run, afternoon workout or daily commute. Soft and comfortable, they come in a cat themed box to help you avoid cable knots and messiness.

Great for gifts, workouts and, occasionally, cat toys, if you leave them somewhere your cat can reach them!

We make these cat headphones on demand. You can expect to receive them within 3-4 weeks after placing an order.

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