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Cat Gel Pens (Set of 4)

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Spread some feline charm and ink away with these cat gel pens! Sold in a set of 4, these cute cat pens feature four different assorted cat prints, including a Persian cat, a Siamese cat, a Calico cat, a black and white cat, a yellow or grey tabby, a black cat and a Himalayan cat alongside a paw print motif. The black gel ink dries faster for reduced smearing, so it's like a purr-fect party on the page where smudges aren't invited.

With a comfort grip and light design, these cat pens have a smooth style that keeps the joy flowing as fast as your thoughts. A fun update to your office essentials, they consolidate your image as a cat person and make for a unique cat themed gift for a loved one!

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Material: Plastic

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