Cat Home Decor, Cat Pillow Case Featuring the Phrase Cat Hair Is Just Part of the Decor In My House
Housewarming Gifts for Cat Lovers, Funny Cat Pillow with the Words Cat Hair Is Just Part of the Decor In My House Printed On the Front

Cat Hair Is Just Part of the Decor In My House Throw Pillow Case

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With a witty inscription, this cat pillow case offers a funny take on cat ownership and the seemingly endless shedding that cat owners have to deal with. And if you've owned a cat for more than 5 minutes, you know that kitty marks her territory by shedding all the time, everywhere. Featuring the phrase "Cat Hair Is Just Part Of The Decor In My House", this decorative cat pillow is just as much of a necessity as a lint roller - it reminds you not to take things too seriously and to embrace the quirks of owning a cat. Great as a housewarming gift for a cat lover or as a unique accent to your couch or armchair, it will make you and your guests chuckle every time you look at it!

With its catchy design, this cat pillow is inspired by our own constant fight with stubborn cat hair. The funny inscription immediately stands out and turns it into a memorable and unique accent piece for your home.

The warm background color and black print is easy to coordinate with your existing decor. Not too flashy, but undeniably funny, it is perfect for taking cat naps!

Ships in 24 hours.

Size: 18" Square Pillow Case

Material: Polyester

Note: The package does not include a pillow insert.

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