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The purr-fect cat mom deserves the purr-fect nails! Keep your nails in top notch shape with these hilarious cat lover nail files! These double-sided cat themed nail files come in a set of 4. Each one of these cat nail files has a funny cat inspired design. With their medium/soft grit surface, they are ideal for shaping nails at home with style. The vivid colors, cute prints and funny inscriptions brighten up your purse and beauty arsenal in a flash and consolidate your image as a crazy cat person! Perfect for grooming your nails at home, on the go or when traveling, they offer everything you need to shape your nails to purr-fection! After all, we can't all use scratching posts to keep our claws in top shape!

Looking for a funny cat themed gift? These cat lover nail files will make any cat lover chuckle! Fun, functional and feline friendly, they check all the boxes of the perfect cat gift for her!

The 4 designs are as follows:

- "Cats Don't Care If You're Crazy" printed in white on a yellow nail file

- "Catspresso Yourself" and cat face prints

- "I Can Be Social. Today I Meowed At My Cats And They Meowed Back" printed in black on light pink nail file

- "I Don't Have Cattitude. You Just Can't Handle My Purrsonality" printed in black on a pink nail file

Ship in 24 hours. Arrive in 4 business days.

Size: 6.8" by 0.8"

Material: Sandpaper, Foam

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Gift Wrap Available

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