Cat phone case for iPhone X featuring a black cat sketch on a light gray background.
Sturdy cat phone cover featuring a one of a kind cat sketch
Kitty phone case for an iPhone
Phone case for cat lovers that offers a perfect fit and button alignment.
This custom cat themed phone case precisely fits your iPhone.
Adjusting the volume and locking and unlocking the screen is easy with this kitty phone case.
This cat phone case has a perfect fit - the buttons and slits exactly match your phone.
Unique iPhone cat phone cover featuring a black cat silhouette on a light gray background.
Cat phone case with a one of a kind black cat decoration.
Samsung kitty phone case featuring a black cat sketch on a light gray background.
iPhone phone case with a cat silhouette printed on a light gray background.

Cat Silhouette Phone Case

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Add a personal touch to your phone with this cat phone case. The sleek design features a beautiful sketch of a cat on a light gray background. This decoration is one of a kind, made in-house by our most devoted cat lovers who are also fans of clean and minimalist designs.

Simplicity is key when it comes to this cat phone cover. The design shows that you are a cat person, while keeping things stylish and simple.

With it your phone turns into a unique accessory, while at the same time it is protected against drops, bumps and other damage.

The lightweight plastic is both comfortable to grip and durable, making this case not just cute and eye-catching, but also very functional and convenient to use. The buttons are perfectly aligned, so you can adjust the volume, lock, unlock, and charge your phone without ever taking it off.

Available for both Samsung and iPhone models.

Ready to ship in 2 days.

Material: Plastic

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