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Funny cat pillow featuring the print "Cats Are People Too" on a bright yellow background
Bright yellow cat throw pillow
This cat cushion features a zipper so you can easily throw it in the laundry and get it fresh and clean

Cats Are People Too Pillow

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Add a splash of color to any room with this funny cat pillow! Featuring the print "Cats Are People Too", this pillow shows off your favorite pet. It also lets every guest and family member know that your cat is an important (and spoiled) member of the household.

The bright yellow color brings coziness and warmth into any room. Even in cloudy and drowsy days, this cat cushion makes any space lighter, brighter, and happier! Fluffier than your cat, it also makes any couch or armchair more comfortable!

The case features a zipper and is machine washable and easy to clean - so you can let your cat sleep on it without worrying about cat hair or stains.

Both the pillow and the pillow case are included in the package, so you can enjoy your new decor right away!

Ready to ship in 4 days.

Size: 18" Square Pillow

Material: Polyester

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