Rugs With Cats On Them, Pink Tassel White Cat Rug
Cat Inspired Home Decor, Rugs With Cats On Them, White Cat Rug

Cutie Cat Tassel Rug

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This Cutie Cat tassel rug will keep you purring every day! Featuring cute white cats on a light pink backdrop, this cat rug adds a pop of color to any space. Place it in your bedroom, living room or kitchen for the purr-fect finishing touch to a cat lover's home. Your feline friend will love it, too!

The soft pink and white hues brighten up any space while the unique cat themed design immediately stands out and lets everybody know that you love your cat and all things cat related. The playful tassels turn this rug into a great accent piece that brings a unique feel to any room. Perfect for adding a personal touch to your home decor, it makes your home more cozy and cat friendly.

Ships in 24 hours. Arrives in 4 days.

Size: 35.5" by 21.1"

Material: Cotton

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