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Funny Things for Cat Lovers, Feed Me Tell Me I'M Pretty Cat Collar Charm

Feed Me Tell Me I'm Pretty Cat Collar Charm

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Pick this funny cat collar charm and make sure that your cat's voice is heard loud and clear. The purr-fect accessory for the kitty love of your life, this cute cat collar charm is a must-have for spoiled happy cats! And if you've ever wondered what that loud meowing means, now you know. If your cat could speak, these are the first words that would come out of her mouth - "Feed Me Tell Me I'm Pretty"!

Made from high-quality hard enamel and equipped with a gold metal split ring, this cat collar charm can be attached to any collar. Light and comfortable to wear, it will make you chuckle every time!

Ships in 24 hours. Arrives in 4 business days.

Size: 0.75" by 0.75"

Material: Metal, Enamel

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Gift Wrap Available

For Every $25 You Spend We Provide a Healthy Meal to a Shelter Cat

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