Fluffy Cat Key Chain, Fur Ball Key Chain Featuring a Pair of Pointy Cat Ears and Whiskers
Cute Things for Cat Lovers, Cute Cat Keychain Made of Faux White Fur
Cat Themed Accessories for Cat Lovers, Fur Ball Keychain Decorated with Pointy Cat Ears and Whiskers
Cute Cat Keychain Made from Beige Faux Fur and Decorated with a Set of Cat Ears and Whiskers
Cat Gifts for Her, Fur Ball Keychain Made of Pink Faux Fur and Decorated with Cat Ears and Whiskers

Fluffy Cat Keychain

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Pick up this Fluffy Cat keychain whenever you leave the house and carry with you a little bit of cat inspired cuteness wherever you go! Made from super soft faux fur, this fur ball keychain features a pair of pointy cat ears and whiskers. An immediate clue that you are a cat person, it fits perfectly in your purse or pocket and makes it easy to find your keys. Whether you use it as a keychain or bag decoration, it is a sweet reminder of the loving fur ball waiting for you at home!

Available in 5 different colors and purrfect as a small treat for yourself or a funny gift for a cat lover!

We make this Fluffy Cat keychain on demand. You can expect to receive it within 3-4 weeks after placing an order.

Size: 5" by 5"

Material: Faux Fur

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