Cute Cat Toy Featuring Feathers and Felt Balls
Fun Cat Toy Made of Felt Balls and Feathers
Cool Cat Toy with Felt Balls and Feathers

Furball Candy Cat Toy

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Treat your cat to this cute cat toy and enjoy hours of entertainment for both you and your playful pet! Made from soft felt balls and equipped with bird-like feathers, this fun cat toy will get your cat pouncing, sprinting, batting, and exercising all while you're sitting on the couch! Just make sure you have your camera ready for making hilarious cat videos!

The soft felt fabric is gentle on paws and claws while the pink feathers allow your cat to pretend-hunt and stay in shape! It also features a small bell tucked away in between the felt balls, which makes a playful sound every time your cat bats at the toy, keeping her engaged in the game. Great for cats and kittens alike!

Ships in 24 hours.

Material: Felt, Feathers

Size: 7.2" by 2.8"

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