Cat Print Scarf for Women, Goddess Cat Scarf Featuring Pink Cats Printed On a Soft Black Cotton Fabric
Scarves with Cats On Them, Cat Scarf Featuring Pink Cats Printed On a Soft Black Fabric

Goddess Cat Scarf

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Wrap yourself in some cat inspired cuteness with this Goddess Cat scarf! Featuring a graceful cat with royal-like whiskers, this cat print scarf adds a fun and eye-grabbing accent to any outfit. The soft fabric keeps you cozy and comfy, and gives you everything you need to survive a chilly air conditioned room or windy weather!

Great as a gift for a cat lover, or as a unique addition to your own accessories collection, it adds little bit of dimension and cat loving vibe to any casual outfit! The classic pink and black combination is easy to coordinate with a variety of colors, making this scarf an everyday accessory you'll love wearing all year round!

Ships in 24 hours.

Material: Polyester

Size: 35" by 71"

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