Cute Cat Earrings, Sterling Silver Cat earrings Featuring a Cat Perched On a Moon Crescent
Gifts for Cat Lovers, Cat Earrings Featuring Gold-Tone Cat Perched On a Silver Moon Crescent

Golden Tabby Cat Earrings

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Dare to be different with these Golden Tabby Cat earrings! Now, hoops and studs we see every day, but how often do you see someone showing off their favorite pet in such a stylish and elegant way! With a beautiful mix of sterling silver and gold-tone accents, these cute cat earrings are a subtle nod to the cat lover in you. Inspired by the graceful (and sometimes chubby) silhouettes of our favorite felines, they feature a golden tabby cat perched on a silver moon crescent. Light, cute, and comfortable, they are all you need to show off your love of cats in a charming fashion!

Eye-catching and fun, these sterling silver cat earrings look great with both short and long hairdos, pony tails and messy buns alike! The perfect staple earrings for a cat lover's wardrobe, they work for both formal and informal occasions and can complement anything from a classic t-shirt to a cocktail dress!

We make these cat earrings on demand. You can expect to receive them within 3-4 weeks after placing an order.

Earrings Size: 1.2"

Material: Sterling Silver

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