Funny Gifts for Cat Lovers, Cat Mug Featuring the Text "Good Meowning" Printed In Black

Good Meowning Coffee Mug

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If you're lucky enough to start your morning with a warm cup of coffee and a friendly meow, you're lucky enough! This funny cat mug is designed for those precious moments when you get to sit back and enjoy your morning coffee in peace next to a purring cat. Large enough to get you ca[t]ffeinated quickly, it has such a sweet design that you wouldn't even need to put sugar in your coffee!

Decorated with a cute coffee loving cat, this meow mug has a 15 ounce capacity and a comfy C-shaped handle. It features the funny "Good Meowning" pun printed in black, letting everyone know that you're only talking to your cat until you've had your coffee!

Dishwasher and microwave safe. Ready to ship in 2 days.

Capacity: 15 ounces

Material: Ceramic

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