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Happy to Be a Crazy Cat Lady Tote Bag

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If you've been told time and time again that you are crazy about cats, pick up this Happy to Be a Crazy Cat Lady tote bag and settle the question once and for all! Decorated with a cute cartoon cat, this cat bag makes a statement and consolidates your image as your cat's favorite person. Cute and functional, you can carry it wherever you go and let everyone know that you're crazy about cats!

Large enough to fit all your essentials, a laptop, an organizer or your gym ensemble, this crazy cat lady bag is perfect for everyday use. Take it to the store, carry it around on a casual day out, or bring it to the beach - wherever you take it, it will fit right in with your relaxed style and cat loving personality!

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Size: H: 18"; L: 18"; W: 3.14"

Bag Material: Polyester

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