Cat Jewelry, Paw Print Necklace Featuring a Heart Shaped Pendant with a Black Paw Print
Cat Gifts for Her, Silver Tone Paw Print Necklace Featuring a Heart and a Black Paw Print
Gifts for Cat Lovers, Paw Print Jewelry, Paw Print Necklace with a Heart Shaped Pendant and a Black Paw Print
Cat Themed Gifts, Paw Print Necklace for Cat Lovers with a Heart Shaped Pendant and a Black Paw Print

I Heart Paw Prints Necklace

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For a sweet reminder of all the love, joy, and happiness your four-legged family brings to your life, pick this charming paw print necklace! Designed for cat lovers who have a soft spot for their fur babies and cannot resist the sight of their cute fluffy paws, this adorable necklace features a heart-shaped pendant with a black paw print. With a simple design and lightweight construction, it is cute and comfy, perfect for wearing every day!

Great as a gift for a loved one or as a new addition to your everyday jewelry, its delicate charm will not be left unnoticed! It is also an instant mood booster - whether you're having a stressful day at work or you're juggling a busy schedule, it reminds you of your pets' unconditional love and irresistible cuteness!

We make this paw print necklace on demand. You can expect to receive it within 3-4 weeks after placing an order.

Chain Material: Silver-Finished Copper

Chain Type: Link Chain

Charm Material: Silver-Finished Copper

Charm Size: L 0.5"; H 1"

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