Cat Home Decor, Cat Pillow Featuring the Text I Love Cats Printed On the Front
Light Yellow Back of I Love Cats Decorative Cat Throw Pillow
Cat Pillow Case With a Zipper Closure

I Love Cats Throw Pillow

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Personalize your home with this one of a kind decorative cat throw pillow! Featuring a unique design and the text "I Love Cats" playfully printed on the front, this cat pillow adds a splash of color and a personal touch to any room. Perfect for making your home more cat friendly and totally you, it immediately becomes the focal point of your couch and will not be left unnoticed!

The beautiful mix of warm colors makes coordinating this cat pillow with the rest of your decor a piece of cake! Place it on your couch, your armchair, or on your patio set and it will make any space feel more cozy and homey!

Both the cover and the pillow are included in the package. The built in zipper allows you to throw the pillow case in the washer whenever necessary to keep it clean from cat hair.

Ready to ship in 4 days.

Size: 18" Square Pillow

Material: Polyester

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