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Cat Themed Gifts for Women, Meow And Furever Cat Print Nail File
Cat Lover Accessories, Cat Print Nail File Featuring The Words "Besties" and "Meow And Furever"

Meow And Furever Nail File

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You and your cat are besties meow and furever! Pick this adorable cat print nail file for a fun and functional reminder of this special bond you share with your favorite feline! Featuring a medium/soft grit, it keeps your nails in great shape at home, on the go and while traveling. The bold pink color brightens up your mood whenever you use it and brings a cute cat themed touch to your everyday beauty essentials. The cushioned lightweight design makes it comfortable to use and perfect for keeping handy in your handbag, office desk or car. Don't let a broken nail throw your day off track - this cute nail file helps you deal with whatever the day may bring!

Double sided cat print nail file featuring a medium grit and medium/soft grit.

Ships in 24 hours. Arrive in 4 business days.

Size: 6.8" by 0.8"

Material: Sandpaper, Foam

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For Every $25 You Spend We Provide a Healthy Meal to a Shelter Cat

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