Womens Cat Socks, Cute Cat Socks Printed with Cat Faces and the Word Meow
Ladies Cat Socks, Cute Cat Socks Featuring Black Cat Faces and the Word Meow Printed On Soft White Fabric

Meow Meow Socks

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Slip on these cute cat socks and get cozy, the cat lover's way! Decorated with adorable kitty whiskers, pointy ears, and "Meow" print, these cat socks are soft, comfy, and sure to be your favorite! So leave a prominent spot in your socks drawer for them, because you'll love wearing them any chance you get!

Great as a funny gift for a fellow cat lover or as a sweet addition to your basics, you can wear them with boots, sneakers, or, our preferred way, with a pair of fuzzy slippers while petting your happy cat!

The socks come in One Size that corresponds to 5-12 shoe size. Made to order, you can expect to receive them within 2 weeks after placing an order.

Size: Perfect for shoe size 5-12.

Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex 

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