Cat themed jewelry, Meowjesty Cord Bracelet
Jewelry for cat lovers, Meowjesty Cord Bracelet

Meowjesty Cord Bracelet

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Reveal your inner princess with this cute Meowjesty bracelet. Designed for cat owners who know better than to treat their felines like anything less than royalty, this bracelet has a timeless design that will keep you on trend season after season.

Featuring an 18K gold plated charm decorated with an adorable princess kitty cat and a black strap, this adjustable bracelet is very comfortable to wear and easy to coordinate with the rest of your jewelry. Its versatility and comfy design make it a must-have every day accessory for cat ladies.

Whether you let it shine on its own or wear it together with your watch or other bracelet for a stylish layered look, it is sure to be on your wrist every day!

Charm Material: 18K Gold Plated

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