Cat Necklace, Pink Cat Silver Necklace
Cat Pendant, Pink Cat Silver Necklace
Cat Jewelry, Pink Cat Silver Necklace

Pink Cat Silver Necklace

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This pink cat necklace gives any outfit just the right amount of flare. The versatility and timelessness of this piece makes it a great addition to your collection of accessories. With its delicate style, it pairs beautifully with both dressy and casual outfits.

Stylish and elegant, this sterling silver necklace features a cat face made from clear and shiny pink zirconia decorated with a pair of cute pointy ears. The light pink hue of the stone adds a pop of color to any casual, professional or formal ensemble.

We make this cat necklace on demand. You can expect to receive it within 3-4 weeks after placing an order.

Chain Material: Sterling Silver

Chain Type: Link Chain

Chain Length: 18"

Charm Material: Cubic Zirconia

Charm Size: 0.6" by 0.5"

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