Black Cat Christmas Ornament, Christmas Cat Ornament With The Words "The Elf Made Me Do It" And A Black Cat

The Elf Made Me Do It Christmas Cat Ornament

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Bring a little humor to your tree with "The Elf Made Me Do It" Christmas cat ornament! Handcrafted in California, it is made of metal and is sturdy enough to withstand your cat's bats, pounces and plots to take down the Christmas tree. Shaped as a naughty black cat caught in the act of attacking the Christmas decoration, it comes equipped with a loop for easy hanging. The metal finish looks great with Christmas lights and reflects the light beautifully. Whether you hang it on the tree or use it as a part of your Christmas wreath, it immediately stands out and makes you chuckle!

Pick it for yourself or as a cat themed present for a loved one and add some playful purr-sonality to your holiday decorations!

Ships in 24 hours. Arrive in 4 business days.

Size: 5.25" by 4.7" by 0.3"

Material: Wire, Metal

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