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Catnip Filled Toys, Toto's Vodka Cat Toy With Catnip

Toto's Pawdka Cat Toy

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Get ready to laugh with this hilarious Toto's Pawdka cat toy! With a unique pun-ny design, this vodka bottle cat toy is the feline equivalent of the famous Tito's Vodka you've seen at the store. Filled with 100% organic catnip, it is sure to be your cat's favorite!

Great for enjoying Happy Hour together with your favorite pet, this funny catnip toy is made of soft plush fabric, gentle on your cat's paws and claws. The irresistible catnip fill and crinkle paper turn it into the perfect target for your cat to bat at, hunt, pounce on and practice skills. Make sure you have your phone handy to take a bunch of hilarious cat pictures and videos of your cat getting catnip drunk!

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Material: Plush, Organic Catnip and Crinkle Paper

Size: 4"

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