10 Cats That Almost Destroyed Christmas

10 Cats That Almost Destroyed Christmas

Every year millions of cat owners try to do everything in their power to stop their cats from destroying Christmas. Trees, ornaments, cookies and presents are just a few of your feline's seasonal prey. Some lucky cat owners were able to snap pictures and videos of their cats caught in the act! So sit tight and check out these 10 cats that almost destroyed Christmas!

1. The Cat That Almost Made It To The Top


cat, christmas, tree, vakantieveilingen from r/gifbot


Cats climbing on Christmas trees is a common sight in a cat owner's home. Here's a brave tabby that actually managed to climb all the way to the top of the Christmas tree ... only to end up tangled in Christmas lights on the floor!

2. Kitten And Ornaments Boxing Match



cat, christmas, animals, kitten, playing, ornament, christmas animals, christmas cat, animal christmas from r/gifbot


Who needs a boxing bag when you have Christmas ornaments to bat at! Just look at this adorable white kitten staying in shape by playing with the ornaments! We sure hope this one is plastic and not glass, because it's days are numbered!

3. The Cat That Wanted To Be Part Of The Present


My cat opened his Christmas present on his own this morning from r/cats


There are 3 things that cats can't resist - boxes, tunnels and paper! Watch these curious felines in action, trying to sneak into one of the Christmas presents and turn it into the purr-fect cat den! Better bring the lint roller before you open any of the presents!

4. The Feline Duo That Successfully Took Down The Christmas Tree


Toms 1st Christmas from r/cats


These two tom cats have succeeded in destroying the Christmas tree. Ornaments all over the room, knocked down tree top, we've been there! Just look at the adorable caught in the act face of the main culprit!

5. The Cat That Almost Got Stuck On The Christmas Tree


Christmas trees are really just seasonal cat toys from r/TheCatReport


Sometimes even the best laid plans can backfire. This adventurous cat has lost its way around the Christmas tree and is re-thinking his strategy. Luckily the ornaments are not hung yet, so he can easily backtrack when necessary!

6. The Cat That Helped With The Christmas Cookies



My cat tried to help make Christmas cookies from r/funny


Paw shaped cookies? Yes, please! This curious cat could not resist but stomp on all the Christmas cookies! Now that's a cookie shape we haven't seen in a while!

7. The Cat That Blended In


my v o i d cat climbed the christmas tree from r/aww


Can you spot the cat? This ferocious feline has become a part of the Christmas decoration. Substituting a cat tree for a Christmas tree seems to be a common preference of felines this time of year!

8. The Cat That Had A Jump Start



My old cat Silver would tuck himself into any bag that had materials he could curl up in. Here he is in some Christmas garland we were getting ready to hang. from r/tuckedinkitties


Some cats get so excited about Christmas that they can't wait to have all the decoration in place! This tabby cat jumped right in the bag of garlands before his owners were able to place them on the tree. Talk about an early start on destroying Christmas decoration!

9. The Cat That Wanted A Seat At The Christmas Dinner Table


My mom caught my cat sitting at the dinner table on Christmas Day and I cannot stop crying 😭 from r/cats


When you set the Christmas table, don't forget to set aside a chair for your cat. If not, she'll just claim the most comfortable spot! Like this fluffy cat that is definitely waiting for a treat!

10. The Cat That Doesn't Trust The Ornaments



PsBattle: This cat scrutinizing Christmas ornaments from r/photoshopbattles


This suspicious feline is definitely investigating the Christmas ornaments, trying to figure out what dark magic makes them glow and shine and crinkle. The batting will begin soon, we're sure of it!


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