For Every $25 You Spend We Provide A Healthy Meal To A Shelter Cat!

About Us

Welcome to Purrs and Whiskers!

We are so glad you found us! Just like you we love cats and all things cat related. Every day our two cats, Nemo and Nala, inspire us to find new and fun things that cat owners will enjoy.

Meet the Team

Nemo CatNala Cat

It all started about a year ago when we realized that looking for cat themed things can be exhausting! We wanted to get a couple of fun cat print pajama sets and, after a few hours of browsing, we were still nowhere close to finding something suitable. This is when we decided that it's about time cat people have a proper selection of cat inspired clothes and decorations! After all, we enjoy showing off our love for cats in any way possible!

At Purrs and Whiskers you can find a variety of cat themed clothing, accessories, and home decor. Whether you want to treat yourself or are looking for a gift, we've got you covered!

Giving Back

We also believe that helping cats live happy lives is an integral part of our mission. After all, it's our love of cats that got us started in the first place. This is why we started the Snacks for Cats initiative - for every $25 you spend in our store we provide a healthy meal to a shelter cat. The Snacks for Cats program is conducted in partnership with The Cat House On The Kings - a no-cage no-kill sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats in the state of California.

We also teamed up with The Rescue House - a non-profit based in San Diego that organizes cat adoption events. In addition to donations, we provide items they can auction and use the proceedings to support their efforts. If you want to contribute to The Rescue House, you can us coupon code 10%RESCUEHOUSE at checkout and 10% of the proceedings will be doted to this cat rescue.

Another cat rescue we work with is Homeward Trails. This Virginia-based non-profit helps cats and dogs whose owners can no longer care for them find a forever home. Use coupon code 10%HOMEWARDTRAILS at checkout and we'll donate 10% of your order value to this charity.

We are also partners of the San Diego Humane Society. 10% of your order value will be donated to the San Diego Humane Society when you use code 10%SDHS at checkout.

Shop And Help

Shop at Purrs and Whiskers and you can help your local animal rescue. See the list below for all the rescues we work with all over the U.S. When you apply their promo code at checkout, we'll donate 10% of the total value of your purchase to this organization:

High Desert Cat Rescue: Use Code DESERTCAT at checkout

Felines & Friends, NM: Use Code FRIENDS at checkout

Humane Society of Charlotte: Use Code 10%HSC at checkout

Portsmouth Humane SocietyUse Code 10%PHS at checkout

Oregon Humane Society: Use Code 10%OHS at checkout

Michigan Humane SocietyUse Code 10%MHS at checkout

Wisconsin Humane SocietyUse Code 10%WHS at checkout

Seattle Humane SocietyUse Code 10%SHS at checkout

Happy Tails SacramentoUse Code 10%HAPPYTAILS at checkout

Pasadena Humane Society: Use Code 10%PASADENA at checkout

Animal Ark Rescue, MN: Use Code 10%ANIMALARK at checkout

The Cat House On The Kings: Use Code 10%CATHOUSE at checkout

Fearless Kitty Rescue: Use code FEARLESS at checkout

Watermelon Cat Rescue: Use code WATERMELON at checkout

Meoowz Cat And Kitten Rescue: Use code MEOOWZ at checkout

East Bay SPCA: Use code EASTBAY at checkout

We want to make sure that every kitty cat has a caring and loving home and is just as spoiled as our two happy house cats!

Our Partners:


The Rescue HouseHappy Endings
Homeward rails Animal RescueSan Diego Humane Society
Humane Society of CharlotteOregon Humane SocietyPortsmouth Humane SocietySeattle Humane SocietyWisconsin Humane SocietyPasadena Humane Society
Animal Ark RescueFearless Kitty RescueThe Cat House On The KingsHigh Desert Cat Rescue


East Bay SPCA

It Takes A Village

Purrs and Whiskers will not be possible without our fellow cat lovers who make a lot of our unique products. We partner with five small business owners who work on some of the handmade items we sell. In addition, we're juggling raising a toddler with running a business. Our son often comes with us to the post office to help mail packages (he loves those trips and is friends with all the USPS staff). Finally, we want to thank our two cats, Nemo and Nala, for inspiring us every day and reminding us how lucky we are to have them in our lives!


We'd love to connect and hear from you! You can reach out to us at! Cute cat pictures are always welcome!

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