10 Celebrities Who Have Cats

If you are totally obsessed with your cat, you're not alone! Check out these 10 celebrities who have cats and love showing them off! From Martha Stewart to Taylor Swift, cat ownership has never been more in!

1. Robert Downey Jr.

10 Celebrities Who Have Cats Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr. is the proud owner of two cats - Montgomerry and Dartanian. The actor says he can't imagine living without his two cats and loves spending time with them! He is not shy about sharing videos and pictures of him and is favorite felines!

2. Katy Perry

10 Celebrities Who Have Cats - Katy Perry

Katy Perry owns two cats - Monkey and Kitty Purry. Kitty Purry is somewhat of a star herself - a large inflatable Kitty Purry head was actually featured as a decoration on stage for Katy's "Hello Katy" tour. Katy Perry has also used her love of cats as inspiration for launching cat themed CoverGirl mascara and lipstick series.

3. Taylor Swift

 10 Celebrities Who Have Cats Taylor Swift

Talk about a proud cat lady! Taylor Swift loves her two cats - Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, and often shares pictures of her and her fur family with her fans. The two kitty cats are just plain adorable and seem to be enjoying the fame!

4. Cameron Diaz

10 Celebrities Who Have Cats Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz's cat - Little Man, shares his mom's beautiful blue eyes and her taste for high fashion. Diaz reportedly loves dressing him up in trendy outfits and taking him shopping with her.

5. Penelope Cruz

10 Celebrities Who Have Cats Penelope Cruz  

Penelope Cruz revealed in a Marie Claire interview that she often finds cats on her kitchen counters. She owns one cat with the royal name Capucina, which we totally love! The actress admitted to leaving the kitchen window open for her cat to roam around, and so other cats are frequent visitors of the Cruz household.

6. Martha Stewart

10 Celebrities Who Have Cats Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has had many pets over the years, including a shelter cat named Chiggi, the gorgeous Vivaldi, who lived to be 19 years old, and his brother Verdi, uncle Vanya, New Kitty and Weeny to name a few! She took to heart the idea that you can never have too many cats!

7. Amanda Seyfried

 10 Celebrities Who Have Cats Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried is a notorious animal lover who recently fostered three adorable kittens! She has used social media to spread awareness and encourage people to foster cats and help them find a forever home.

8. Karl Lagerfeld

 10 Celebrities Who Have Cats Karl Lagerfeld

Talk about cat royalty! The late Karl Lagerfeld's cat - Choupette, was a source of great inspiration for Chanel's creative director. After his death, Choupette inherited more than half of his $300 million fortune. The beautiful Birman cat is also a celebrity herself, with more than 280,000 Instagram followers.

9. Drew Barrymore

10 Celebrities Who Have Cats Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is another devoted cat lover! The Charlie's angel admits to going to the shelter to adopt a cat and going back home with three! This is something all of us can certainly relate to! She named the kittens Peach, Fern and Lucky. Thank you for adopting!

10. Nicholas Cage

10 Celebrities Who Have Cats Nicholas Cage

While on the David Letterman show, Nicolas Cage talked about his cat named Lewis. Apparently, Lewis found the actor's magic mushrooms stash in the fridge and loved them. Better stay away from those, kitty kins, and stick to catnip!

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