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10 Cutest Cat Kitchen Accessories

When it comes to your kitchen essentials, you don't have to settle for function only. These adorable cat kitchen accessories brighten up your space and make meal prep a lot more fun and easy! Here's a list of our 10 favorite cat kitchen accessories that come in handy regularly during meal prep, baking marathons, and lazy Sunday breakfasts!

1. Cat Measuring Cups

Cat Themed Kitchen Decor, Cat Measuring Cups

Add a pinch of cat inspired cuteness to any meal with these adorable cat measuring cups! Available in black and white, they come in a set of 3. Great as a gift for a loved one or as a cute addition to your kitchen essentials!

2. Cat Sponge Holder

Cat Themed Kitchen Tools, Cat Sponge Holder

Keep things neat, organized, and cat friendly with this cat sponge holder! Shaped as a golden tiger tabby, this cat sponge holder brings a unique accent to your kitchen. The warm golden hues make it stand out and add a splash of color and coziness to any space!

3. Cat Egg Cup Holder

Cute Gifts for Cat Lovers, Cat Egg Cup and Spoon

Start your day off right with this cat egg cup holder! Shaped as an adorable kitty cat, it is available in black and white, so you can mix and match the colors for a full set!

4. Cat Spoon Rest

Cat Decorations for Home, Cat Spoon Rest

Fun and functional, this cat spoon rest is the perfect addition to your kitchen accessories! In addition to keeping your counter tops clean, it lets everyone know that you are serious about cats!

5. Cat Spatula

Cat Kitchen Accessories, Cat Spatula

Pick this cute cat spatula for a must-have kitchen essential you'll love using day after day! Cakes, muffins, cupcakes, and pancakes are so much more fun to prep when you're working with this sweet little tool!

6. Cat Cookie Jar

Cat Themed Kitchen Decor, Cat Cookie Jar

Whether you're using it to store, cookies, nuts, or cat treats, this cat cookie jar is as cute as it is functional. Hand painted and shaped as a golden tabby cat, it serves both as decoration and storage for your pantry essentials! It also makes for a great housewarming gift for cat lovers!

7. Cat Kitchen Timer

Cute Gifts for Cat Lovers, Cat Kitchen Accessories, Cat Kitchen Timer

Following recipes is much more fun with this cute cat kitchen timer! Made for cat lovers with busy schedules who sometimes forget they have a casserole cooking in the oven, this cute timer is there to help you prep the perfect meal! Featuring a white kitty cat and a gray mouse, it adds a playful twist to a must-have kitchen accessory!

8. Cat Wine Bottle Holder and Cork Container

Cat Wine Holder and Cork Container

Love cats? Love wine? Then you'll love this beautiful cat wine holder and cork container! Great as a gift for cat lovers or as a unique addition to your home decorations! Whether you place it in your kitchen or your living room, it is sure to make an impression!

9. Happy Fat Cat Mug

Cat Lover Mugs, Cat Shaped Mug, Fat Happy Cat Mug

Sip on your morning coffee in this funny cat mug! Available in black or white, this cat mug is dishwasher safe for extra convenience! Perfect for starting off your day in style and with a smile, it will brighten up your mood and add a pinch of cat inspired cuteness to your favorite beverage!

10. Cat Tea Infuser

Cat Lover Gifts, Cat Tea Infuser

The best company for a lazy afternoon - a purring cat and a warm cup of tea! Pick this cute cat tea strainer and enjoy a cup of Earl Grey the cat lover's way! With a playful black cat perched on the mouth of your cup, every sip of tea will be more enjoyable!