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10 Funny Cat Themed Gifts for Cat Lovers

If your cat lover friend has a spicy sense of humor and loves to laugh, then picking a funny cat themed gift is a great choice! However, with so many options out there, you can easily get overwhelmed! On top of it all, finding something funny, smart, and memorable can be challenging. To make things easy, we have selected our 10 funniest cat themed gifts that cat lovers will absolutely love!

1. Cat Face Mug

 Get this funny cat mug as a gift for a cat lover.

Have you ever wondered what you'll look like as a cat? Well, this funny Cat Face mug has the answer. Sure to make you smile every time you take a sip, it will quickly become your go-to coffee mug!

Buy this Cat Face mug as a funny cat themed gift for a cat lover.

2. Cat Lover's Compromise Coasters Set

If you're looking for a gift for cat lovers with a sense of humor, pick up these Cat Lover's Compromise coasters.

Made for cat lovers who are cat-holics (i.e. they want to take home every cat or kitten they see), these funny coasters have a unique design and a print that will make everyone laugh! They feature the text "I wanted a kitten. My husband did not want a kitten. So we compromised and I got a kitten." This catchy inscription rings true to everyone who is married and has a cat!

Click here to buy these funny Cat Lover's Compromise coasters.

3. Cat Home Throw Pillow

Get this funny Cat Home throw pillow and show your cat lover friend that you get what it's like to be a cat owner.

Throw pillows are great gifts for cat lovers, because they make couch snuggles with the cat that much more comfy! This funny cat themed pillow is a must-have, since it not only makes your couch more cozy, but also adds a fun twist to the reality of cat ownership. Featuring the print "Home Is Where Fur Sticks to Everything But the Cat", this funny pillow brightens up any space!

Click here and pick this funny Cat Home throw pillow for a funny present for cat owners.

4. Fur All Over the House Throw Pillow

Add a fun twist to one of the downsides of cat ownership with this cute Fur All Over the House throw pillow.

If your cat lover friend speaks sarcasm, surprise them with this funny cat themed pillow. Featuring the print "Yes, I know I got fur all over the house, it's called furniture", this cute pillow is perfect for cat owners and their sassy constantly shedding cats. The best part - both the pillow case and the pillow are included in the package, so this gift can be used right away!

Click here to buy this Fur All Over the House pillow as a funny gift for people who have cats.

5. I'm a Cat Sweatshirt

This I Am a Cat Sweatshirt features 3D ears on the hoodie and makes for a cute present for a cat lover.

If there is a piece of clothing that cat lovers can't resist, it's anything with cat ears. And this I'm a Cat sweatshirt has just that - a pair of pointy cat ears on the hood and a simple print that stands out. Cute and comfy, it is perfect for wearing all weekend long!

Click here to buy this I Am a Cat sweatshirt as a unique cat lover gift.

6. The Only Thing Self-Cleaning In This House Is The Cat Wall Canvas

This unique cat themed wall decor features the print "the only thing self-cleaning in this house is the cat" on a vibrant yellow background.

This funny wall canvas is one of our favorite presents for cat lovers, because of the clever print. Decorated with the text "the only thing self-cleaning in this house is the cat", this canvas is made for those of us dealing with messy cats or sloppy family members. It holds true for everyone trying to keep a house with a cat neat and organized.

Click here to buy this funny wall canvas as a gift for cat lover.

7. I'm a Catch Twist Back Tank Top

This cat themed tank top is decorated with the phrase "I am a catch!" printed across the front.

With a funny play on words, this cute tank top is made for women with catitude! The flowy construction and extra soft cotton blend make this top so comfy, you'll never want to take it off! It looks great with jeans and shorts! Available in sizes XS-4XL.

Buy this I'm a Catch top as a cat themed gift for a cat lady!

8. Friendly Cat Bird Feeder

This Friendly Cat bird feeder features a metal cat figurine and a netted container for bird seeds.\

If your cat lover friend has a somewhat dark sense of humor and loves irony, then this Friendly Cat bird feeder is a great gift! Featuring a cat figurine on top of a netted feeder, it is the only cat the birdies will ever willing get close to! In addition to feeding the birds, this feeder also provides hours of bird watching entertainment for the kitty cat!

Click here to buy this  Friendly Cat bird feeder for a cat owner with a sense of humor!

9. Catfeinated Coffee Mug

This funny cat mug features a wired cat with coffee mugs for eyes and the text "Catfeinated" printed in black.

Perfect for cat lovers who also love coffee, the unique decoration of this Catfeinated mug makes your office desk or kitchen a little more fun! Featuring a grumpy cat with coffee mugs instead of eyes, it is a healthy reminder to anyone who crosses your path early in the morning - don't talk to me until I get my caffeine!

Pick this Catfeinated funny cat coffee mug as a cat themed gift for a cat lover.

10. I Was Normal Three Cats Ago T-Shirt

This funny cat t-shirt features the phrase "I Was Normal Three Cats Ago" printed in white across the front.

If your friend has more than one cat, get them this funny cat shirt with the inscription "I was normal three cats ago" printed in white across the front. This comfy tee is a great gift for people with cats because of its classic fit and catchy print. Whether you wear it on the weekend or while vegging on the couch, this shirt keeps you comfy and makes you laugh!

Click here to buy this funny cat t-shirt as a gift for  a cat person.

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