10 Unique Cat Themed Home Decor Pieces You'll Love

A home without a cat is just a house, and a house without cat themed home decor is just ... well, unfinished! Give your space a personalized touch with these 10 unique cat themed home decor pieces you'll love! Cute, fun, and functional, these cat decorations make your home more cat friendly and show everyone that you have an excellent taste in both pets and accessories.

1. A Happy Home Has Happy Cats Sign

A Happy Home Has Happy Cats Sign

A Happy Home Has Happy Cats Sign, $18.50; Sold at

If you've ever owned a cat, you know that they instantly become an inseparable part of your family. This funny cat sign features the print "A Happy Home Has Happy Cats", commemorating the special bond you'll always have with your cat. With a witty design, this funny cat sign brings warmth to your home.

2. Fat Cat Coffee Mug

Funny cat mug featuring a cat face and made from dishwasher safe and microwaveable ceramic.

Fat Happy Cat Coffee Mug, $21.50; Sold at

Sipping on your favorite beverage in this Fat Cat coffee mug guarantees that you will start the morning with a smile! Decorated with a cute cat face and pointy ears, this funny cat mug makes for a unique addition to your kitchen. With a comfy handle and a 13 ounce capacity, it will instantly become your favorite!

3. Fat Cat Figurine

Cat figurine made from ceramic and featuring a soft blue finish.

Fat Cat Figurine, $32; Sold at

Made for owners of chubby kitty cats, these cat figurines are perfect for your patio decor. Available in 2 different sizes, these ceramic figurines have a beautiful light blue finish that gives your home a beach house vibe.

4. Cutie Cat Tassel Rug

Cutie Cat Tassel Rug

Cutie Cat Tassel Rug, $36; Sold at

With a cute cat themed design, this Cutie Cat tassel rug is all you need to make your decor more fun and cat friendly! Decorated with fluffy white cats on a light pink fabric, this cat rug adds a splash of color to any room. Whether you place it in your living room, entry way or bathroom, it keeps you purring all day long!

5. There's 100% Chance I'd Rather Be At Home With My Cat Candle

There's 100% Chance I'd Rather Be At Home With My Cat Candle

There's 100% Chance I'd Rather Be At Home With My Cat Candle, $26.50; Sold at

Nothing makes a lazy night in better than a purring cat and a funny cat candle! Featuring the words "There's 100% Chance I'd Rather Be At Home With My Cat", this cat candle is the purr-fect addition to your cat themed decor. It is handmade and has a driftwood ginger scent that brings a cozy homey feel to any space. It also makes for a great gift for a cat lover!

6. Cat Wall Hooks

Cat Wall Hooks

Cat Wall Hooks (Set of 3), $12; Sold at

They say the devil is in the details, so pick these adorable cat wall hooks as a subtle sign that you are crazy about cats and all things cat related! Sold in a set of 3, these cat hangers have a silver, gold and copper finish, making it easy to coordinate with any home decor. Equipped with a strong adhesive strip, they add a unique accent to your bathroom and kitchen alike!

7. Cat Wine Holder and Cork Container

Cat wine holder and netted cork container featuring a cat figurine with gold finish.

Cat Wine Holder And Cork Container, $52.99; Sold at

If you love wine almost as much as you love cats, pick up this cat wine holder and cork container. With a dark gold finish and intricate details, it adds warmth to your living room or kitchen.

8. Love Cats Coasters

Love Cats Coasters

Love Cats Coasters (Set of 4), $28.50; Sold at

Let your guests know just how much your cat means to you with funny cat coasters. Cork-backed for extra durability, these stone coasters feature four unique cat themed designs. Our personal favorite - "Warning: Cat May Knock Over Drink For No Reason At All"! Cute and easy to clean, they keep your furniture protected and get the stamp of approval from your finicky feline!

9. Cat's Whiskers Planter

Cat's Whiskers Planter

Cat's Whiskers Planter, $28.50; Sold at

Whether it's cat grass, succulents or herbs, this cat planter is the perfect container! Shaped as a happy white cat, it adds a unique accent to your patio or garden. It can be hung or left to stand on its own, giving you many placement options!

10. Cat Cheese Board

Cat Cheese Board

Cat Cheese Board, $32.50; Sold at

Show your guests that you're a cat person from the get-go with this cat cheese board! Perfect for snacks, it is made from bamboo and shaped as a cute cat with pink ears. Light, sturdy and easy to clean, it turns a kitchen essential into a fun and unique piece!

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