Cats And Cardboard Boxes: 15 Cats That Just Couldn't Resist

Cats and cardboard boxes go together like peanut butter and jelly! Cats like boxes and often use them as beds, hideout spots and launch pads! Whether it's the texture, the security or the excellent ambush opportunities that boxes provide, you've probably noticed that your feisty feline enjoys boxes more than any other toys. And he is not alone! Check out these 15 funny cats that just couldn't resist jumping in a cardboard box ... however small it may be!

1. Prime Delivery


This is how she watches the birdies from r/catsinboxes

I bet you didn't expect the cat to be a part of your Prime delivery, did you! Well, this little fella has picked an Amazon box as a hunting spot. You know what they say - location, location, location! And it just so happens that the box is placed right next to the window - the perfect spot for pretend-ambushing birdies!

2. Two For One


Didn’t know this box came with a 2-for-1 deal from r/catsinboxes


When you live with cats, every gift in a box is a gift that keeps giving. Cats like their boxes and sometimes you're lucky enough to get an even better deal - 2 for 1! These two cats are using every single square inch of prime box real estate!

3. Forget About The Toy


She had a hard day resting from r/catsinboxes

Love it that this fluffy cat is lounging in a box, right next to a proper cat toy! So many times we've spent money on cat toys only to find the cats playing with the wrapper or the box! I guess the heart wants what it wants!

4. If It Nearly Fits ... It Sits


If I nearly fits, I sits... and crush the box. from r/catsinboxes

When it comes to fitting in a box, cats are relentless! Just look at this fluffy cat that managed to squeeze herself in a tiny box! A for effort, kitty!

5. Living On The Edge


Living On the Edge from r/catsinboxes

Possibly facing a hard landing on the bathroom floor? The reward is worth the risk, if it means sleeping in this comfy box! Count me in!

6. A Calico Surprise


Heard a tiny noise coming from this box. Surprise! It’s a calico. from r/catsinboxes

You thought you were buying a lamp, but you got so much more! You got a box - a toy so precious that no cat can resist! Just look at this little calico peeking from inside!

7. Cat VS Box


Box Powerslide from r/catsinboxes

Sometimes getting in your box is hard work and you really have to commit! Just watch this stealthy cat getting ready to crawl through a soda box only to find out half way through that she won't fit!

8. Human Pulled Chariot


Human pulled chariot! from r/catsinboxes

In ancient Egypt cats were considered gods. Clearly, they have not forgotten it! Just look at this royal feline getting pulled in a box chariot by their faithful human!

9. I'll Make Me Fit


My boyfriends cat enjoying his new hideout 🥰🥺 from r/catsinboxes

The box won't stretch? Not to worry, kitty! Apparently you have the ability to shape shift in order to fit in boxes!

10. Don't Judge Me


Jack from r/catsinboxes

What? Nothing to see here! Just a happy cat who likes boxes ... and found one that half-way fits!

11. Do Not Disturb, Human


hey sexy lady from r/catsinboxes

Let me have my 12 hours of beauty sleep undisturbed, please! Preferably in a box! You're free to go now, human! No more paparazzi!

12. The Purr-Fect Fit


All curled up from r/catsinboxes

Every once in a while, the perfect box comes along - and it's just the right size to fit this orange tabby.  Not too big, not too small, snug and comfy, we envy this lucky cat!

13. Yes, This Is About As Comfortable As It Looks


Polly is a special fat baby from r/catsinboxes

On the flip side, not everybody gets to find a box that's just perfectly sized. Do not despair, though! You might need to get creative and assume a complicated yoga position, but you'll fit in, kitty!

14. More Boxes, Please


My cat in a box in a box in a box. Boxception! from r/catsinboxes

Cat lovers can't have too many cats and cats can never have too many boxes!  Just look at this nested box tower and its happy occupant! Now that's one happy cat!

15. No Exit Plan


Le Cat from r/catsinboxes


OK, we got in the box, but now what? No exit strategy? No problem! Your human will be right there to help you get out and run box free!

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