How Do Cats Show Love?

how to tell if your cat loves you

Cats love just as much as dogs do, but often we fail to understand our feline companions. If you are wondering how to tell if your cat loves you, you have probably witnessed numerous signs of your kitty’s affection without noticing! Here are just a few of the ways in which cats show love to their humans.

  1. Purring

You have probably already received your cat’s stamp of approval, marked with loud purrs during petting or upon your return home. Purring is one of the distinct ways in which ways cats show affection to their owners.

  1. Curling Up Their Tail

Have you been greeted by a curled-up kitty tail? The distinct crooked tail pointing upwards is a way for cats to express happiness and love. Kittens greet their mothers with this straight up and tipped tail shape, and some lucky humans are given the same preferential treatment.

  1. Licks and Soft Bites

When you ask yourself “does my cat love me”, bites and forceful licks may be the last things that come to mind. However, both of these are cat signs of affection. If your cat is softly nibbling on your fingers or licking your hand, he is trying to show you that he loves you. If the biting gets too rough though, it may signal over stimulation. In such cases, your petting may be too much for the kitty at this moment and he is trying to tell you to back off a bit.

  1. Sleeping On and Hanging Out Around You

This may not seem like a big deal, but cats show love simply by sleeping and hanging out freely around you. We tend to forget about the size difference we have with our feline friends. Just imagine falling asleep right next to a giant dinosaur. This will be a similar situation your cat’s in when it comes to your size and threat potential. Just feeling safe enough to cuddle up in your feet or on your lap is a sign of trust and affection.

  1. Cat Presents

If you have an outdoor cat, you may have been mortified by finding a dead mouse brought in by your skillful hunter cat. Indoor cats, on the other hand, often show off their skills by bringing toys in their owners’ bed. These behaviors are a giveaway that your cat loves you. She is trying to take care of you and show affection by providing prey.

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