How to Throw a Cat Themed Party

How to Throw a Cat Themed Party: 10 Easy to Make Cat Themed Party Accessories

Whether it's a birthday party, a Halloween get-together or a family reunion, you can turn any event into the purr-fect celebration with these 10 easy to make cat themed party accessories! Not crafty - not to worry! These adorable accessories are very easy to make, so you'll be all set to throw a great cat themed party in no time!

1. Cat Party Balloons

Cat Party Balloons from Delia Creates

Cat Party Balloons by Delia Creates; Photo Credit: Delia Creates

Kick off your cat themed party with some cat party balloons! We stumbled across this fun and easy to make idea on Delia Creates and our guests absolutely loved it! Just glue some whiskers, cat ears and nose on plain balloons and you're all set! Any color combination will work, so for those of us who like black cats - black balloons and white whiskers look great, too!

2. DIY Cat Cups

Cat Party Cups by Kelly Gene Life Blog

Cat Cups by Kelly Jean Life Blog; Photo Credit: Bloom + Clementine

Add a pinch of cat inspired cuteness to every drink with these DIY cat cups! We saw these cups on Bloom + Clementine wellness blog and now they are our go-to party accessory! All you need is light solid color paper cups and a sharpie!

3. Cat Plates

Cat Plates by Cuckoo 4 Design

Cat Plates by Cuckoo 4 Design; Photo Credit: Cuckoo 4 Design

These cat themed party plates are a bit trickier to make but totally worth it! Cuckoo 4 Design walks you through the process step by step, but all you'll need is clear glass plates, photos of cats (you can even display your own kitty cat), clear glue or mod podge and white acrylic paint. Glue the prints on the back of the clear plates and then cover the back with white acrylic paint for the purr-fect finished look! These cat plates look so fancy, yet they're so easy to make!

4. Cat Tooth Picks

Cat Toothpicks by Marlenameow

Cat Tooth Picks by marlenameow from Here Pretty Kitty; Photo Credit: marlenameow from Here Pretty Kitty

Another great idea from Here Pretty Kitty! Whenever you're feline festive (we couldn't resist the pun!), embellish your appetizer toothpicks with paper kitty faces. All you need is glue and paper!

5. Cat Print Straws

Cat Straws by Jordan from Oh Happy Day

Cat Straws by Jordan from Oh Happy Day; Photo Credit: Jordan from Oh Happy Day

These cat print straws are a fun and easy to make addition to your cat themed party accessories! Jordan from Oh Happy Day used these for a surprise party for a cat lover and we just couldn't resist giving them a try! Just print some funny cat pictures and then tape them to your party straws! For our cat's birthday party we used pictures of her and these straws were a hit!

6. Cat Party Banner

Cat Party Banner by Destination Nursery

Cat Party Banner by Destination Nursery; Photo Credit: Destination Nursery

All you need for this cat party banner is black paper, chalk, twine and scissors! Destination Nursery walks you through the steps to make this cute garland and also provides a cat face template you can use. Once you draw and cut one cat face, use chalk to make an outline for the rest. Glue the cat faces to a twine with hot glue and you're set!

7. Cat Coasters

Cat Coasters by Purrs and Whiskers

Cat Coasters by Purrs and Whiskers, $24.50

Grab these cat coasters and keep your table tops protected while at the same time entertaining your guests. Available in a set of 6, these non-slip coasters feature different cat prints that stand out and show off your favorite pet! An added bonus - the grippy surface will make it hard for your cat to knock drinks off the furniture!

8. Cat Wine Glass Charms

Cat Wine Glass Charms by Purrs and Whiskers

Cat Wine Glass Charms by Purrs and Whiskers, $16.50

Planning on having some wine with dinner? Pick these adorable cat wine glass charms and help your guests keep track of their drink. Sold in a set of 6, these silicone cat shaped charms stay snug around the stem of the glass and put your favorite feline on display!

9. Cat Ears Headband

Cat Ears Headband by Purrs and Whiskers

Cat Ears Headband by Purrs and Whiskers, $8.50

Whether you're hosting a cat themed costume party or not, you don't need an excuse to brighten up the mood with this cat ears headband! Featuring a set of black lace cat ears, this headband is cute yet stylish. It adds a fun twist to any party outfit! Purr-fect for both long and short hairdos, it is a must-have addition to your cat themed party hostess outfit!

10. Cat Cupcakes

Cat Cupcakes by Beth from Hungry Happenings

Cat Cupcakes by Beth from Hungry Happenings; Photo Credit: Beth from Hungry Happenings

Finally, it's time to satisfy your sweet tooth! Beth from Hungry Happenings shared this yummy cat cupcakes recipe that we enjoyed so much! Give it a whirl and make sure to share some with your kitty cat! Click here to see the ingredients and follow the full recipe for these sweet treats!

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