How to Throw Your Cat A Birthday Party

5 Purr-fect Ideas for Celebrating Your Cat's Birthday

Your cat is a part of the family, so of course you want to do something fun for her birthday! Whether you have a playful kitten on your hands or an adult cat, you can throw your cat a fun birthday party that everyone will enjoy (yes, even the birthday girl herself!). Try these 5 easy cat birthday party tips and make some memories with your favorite feline!

1. Make a Cat Birthday Cake

Cat Birthday Cake By Casey from Good Food Stories

Cat Birthday Cake Recipe by Casey from Good Food Stories; Photo Credit Casey from Good Food Stories

Nothing says "Happy Birthday" quite like a yummy treat! Enjoying some much deserved birthday cake is probably the best part of your cat's special day! Casey from Good Food Stories shared an easy to make birthday cake for your cat that we tried, tested and loved! If you're running low on time or if your cat is a very picky eater, you can always use her favorite wet food and decorate it with cat treats - this worked great for our Nemo's 3rd birthday! Just don't forget to blow out the candle and make a wish on your cat's behalf!

2. Get a Catnip Cake Toy

Catnip Birthday Cake Cat Toy

Birthday Cake Catnip Toy from Purrs and Whiskers, $12

Purr-fect for pictures and funny videos, this birthday cake catnip toy will make your cat pounce, lick and jump around with happiness! Handmade and filled with organic catnip, it makes taking birthday pictures a lot easier. It serves double-duty as your cat's birthday cake and a new favorite toy!

3. Turn Your House Into a Cat Playground

Celebrating Your Cat's Birthday With Toys

Make sure your cat gets plenty of entertainment by turning a room or a corner of your house into a kitty's paradise! We're talking boxes, boxes, more boxes, small and cheap cat toys, paper balls, wool and whatever else you have handy. You can create the perfect playground for your cat without spending a dime! Your cat loves paper? Spread some wrapping paper around! She is obsessed with boxes? Cut big round holes in old boxes and let her explore this box maze! I usually also get a bag of cheap cat toys because our cats love anything new, so even the simplest toys keep them entertained if they are brand new. As any cat owner can attest, cats play with random things like pens, tags, cables. Embrace the mess and let your cat enjoy all the entertainment!

4. Surprise Her With New Toys Or Trees

Surprise Your Cat with a New Cat Tree for Her Birthday

If some of your cat's essentials need to be replaced, her birthday is the perfect occasion to do that. Whether you need a new cat tree or want to try out a new fancy cat toy, bed or fountain, now you have a great excuse! The novelty of it all will keep your cat happy and entertained, while you'll update some of your cat furniture must-haves!

5. Snap Some Pictures

Cat Birthday Outfit

Cat Birthday Outfit from Purrs and Whiskers, $21.50

We know cats are not big on playing dress-up, but if you keep the outfits easy to put on, light and comfortable, you may be surprised by your cat's modelling abilities! This cat birthday outfit consists of a bow tie and a birthday hat. It's easy to put on and take off and is light enough not to bother your kitty kins. She may not want to wear it for hours, but you'll be able to snap a few funny pictures for the yearbook!

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