Strange Animal Friends: Cat Edition

Cats are known to be agile hunters, but did you know they can also be incredibly sweet and loving to other animal species? Check out these 5 strange animal friends that cats bonded with. You'll be surprised at some of these weird animal friendships!

1. Besties Forever: Cat And A Horse


Horse and cat best friends is the best thing you'll see all day from r/rumble

Cats show their love and affection by rubbing on things. One things is certain, this farm cat is smitten by her horse best friend. The horse doesn't seem to mind the attention either - after all, we'll all feel flattered if the cat picks us as their favorite human!

2. Part Of The Pack

3 huskies become friends with a cat after saving it from dying from r/cats

Cats and dogs are well known adversaries, but they can also become the best of friends. This fluffy cat is definitely part of the husky pack. This just goes to show that cats and dogs can live in purr-fect harmony!

3. Going For Walks Together

When 2 pigs take their friend the Cat from r/aww

This graceful Siamese cat goes out for a walk in style with her two side kicks! Who knew that cats and pigs can get along so well! The pig may be holding the leash, but we all know who's really pulling the strings in this household!

4. Fluffy Squad

My cat and my bunny became the best friends ever from r/aww

If your heart skips a beat when you see this adorable fluffy couple, you're not alone! Initially we were worried about the bunny, but the cat seems to be way more interested in snuggles than in playing chase!

5. The Parrot And The Cat

Would you of expected the cat and parrot be coming friends? from r/aww

Birds are a cat's favorite prey, but they can also be their best friend. Just look at this cute kitten snuggled next to its parrot friend! Let's hope this continues into adulthood!

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