Cat Themed Stationery, Cat ink Pens (Set f 5)

Cat Ink Pens (Set of 5)

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These awesome cat ink pens will make you laugh every time you write and scribble! Available in a set of 5, these cat lover pens feature the phrases "Cats > People", "Ask me about my cat", "Sorry I'm late, my cat was napping on me", "I just want to pet all the cats" and "Cats are cheaper than therapy". Their smooth and bold finish makes them pretty irresistible! This amazing writing tool is ideal for school or work, note taking, writing papers, making to-do lists, and more! Great as a fun cat themed gift addition and a surprise stocking stuffer, they will make any cat lover laugh out loud! Whether you use them at home or take them in the office to consolidate your image as a crazy cat person, they are sure to make an impression!

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Material: Plastic

Ink Color: Black

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