Your morning coffee ritual becomes a whole lot more fun with this cat face mug!
This funny cat coffee mug is decorated with a cute glass nose and whiskers and shows you how you'd look as a cat.
Funny Cat Face Mug for Cat Lovers

Cat Face Mug

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If you've ever wondered what you'd look like if you were a cat, this cat face mug has the answer. Featuring a cute cat nose and whiskers, this glass mug let's you show off your wild side and start the day with a roar! In addition to a 16 ounce energy boost, this funny cat coffee mug also brings you much needed morning laughs every time you take a sip!

If you don't have a favorite coffee mug, then this cat face mug will be it. And if you do, get ready to swap it for this one!

Perfect as a cat themed gift or as a unique addition to your cat kitchen accessories, it makes drinking coffee a lot more fun!

Ships in 24 hours.

Capacity: 16 ounces

Material: Glass

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Gift Wrap Available

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