Cat Kitchen Decor, Cat Timer for Cooking Featuring a White Cat and a Mouse
Novelty Gifts for Cat Lovers, Cat Timer with a White Cat and a Mouse
Fun Gifts for Cat Lovers, Cat Kitchen Timer Featuring a Cat and a Mouse
Unique Things for Cat Lovers, Cat Timer

Cat Kitchen Timer

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You've burned more than a few casseroles and overcooked some pork chops along the way. We get it! After all, keeping track of time is not easy when you have a purring cat in your lap! Pick this cat kitchen timer and make sure your meals always come out nice and juicy and your fire alarm does not wake up the entire neighborhood!

Featuring a playful white kitty cat and a grey mouse, this cat timer helps you keep track of time and turns even beginner chefs into virtuosos! Great as a novelty gift for cat lovers, it brings a fun twist to your must-have kitchen essentials.

Made from BPA free plastic, this cat timer adds a personal touch to your kitchen and makes meal prep a lot more fun and error-free!

Ships in 24 hours. Arrives in 4 business days.

Material: BPA Free Plastic and Metal

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