This black cat scarf keeps you cozy all year-round and shows everyone you love cats!
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Cat Print Scarf

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There are so many things to love about this cat print scarf! The soft chiffon fabric keeps you warm and cozy, especially during the unpredictable fall and spring weather and whenever you're stuck in a freezing air conditioned office. The beautiful black cat print adds a fun accent to any outfit and shows that you are a cat person. The light khaki fabric looks great with so many outfits and matches virtually any color you pick. All in all, this cat scarf is an accessory you'll want to keep handy year-round!

Perfect as a gift or as a cute addition to your accessories collection, this black cat scarf brings a feminine feel and a kitty cat charm to any look!

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Material: Chiffon

Size: 16.5" by 60"

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