Cat Christmas Ornaments Featuring Five Funny Cat Themed Designs
Cat Ornaments for Chritmas Tree, Santa And I Talk Shit About You Christmas Ornament
Cat Ornaments, Whatever Jingles Your Bells Cat Christmas Ornament
Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers, I Was Good The Dog Not So Much Cat Christmas Ornament
Why I Knock Down All The Ornaments Cat christmas Tree Ornament, Cat Themed Christmas Decor
Christmas Decor For Cat Lovers, Jingle All The Way Nobody Likes A Half-Assed Jingler Cat Christmas Tree Ornament
Christmas Gifts For Cat People, Cat Christmas Ornaments Set of 5
Cat Christmas Ornament For Trees

Sassy Cats Christmas Ornaments (Set of 5)

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Jazz up your festive tree with this set of five Sassy Cats Christmas ornaments! These unique cat ornaments feature five hilarious cat inspired designs with the sayings "Jingle All The Way Nobody Likes A Half-Assed Jingler," "Whatever Jingles Your Bells," "Every Year It's The Same Shit... You Dress Me Up Like This And Wonder Why I Knock Down All The Ornaments," "I Was Good... The Dog, Not So Much," and "Santa And I Talk Shit About You". A great addition to your seasonal decorations, these ornaments will make you, your family and guests laugh out loud when you read the witty sentiments.

Great as a Christmas gift for cat lovers, they come with a top wire loop for easy hanging. An added benefit - they are made of wood, so they are unbreakable and won't fall victim to your cat's attacks on the Christmas tree. Style them on a tree, wreath or garland to complete your holiday décor and put your purr-sonality proudly on display!

Ship in 24 hours. Arrive in 4 business days.

Size: 3" by 3" by 0.25"; 3" by 3.50" by 0.25"

Material: Wood, Paper, Wire

Quantity: 5 ornaments included in the set

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