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Cat Garden Statues, Cute Cat Flower Pot Made of Pink Ceramic

Sleepy Cat Flower Pot

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Add a sweet accent to your garden and patio decor with this cute cat flower pot! Great for planting succulents, this cat flower pot lets everyone know that you live in a cat friendly home! Made from beautiful pink ceramic, it is perfect for your outdoor space or living room bookcase! The glossy finish easily matches any of your existing decorations while the playful kitty cat brings a fun twist to your home decor!

Looking for a cat themed gift for a loved one? This cute pot is sure to be a hit! Whether you use it inside to plant cat grass for your favorite pet or place it on your front porch, it will not be left unnoticed!

Ships in 24 hours.

Size: W 5.12"; H 4.13"

Material: Ceramic

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Gift Wrap Available

For Every $25 You Spend We Provide a Healthy Meal to a Shelter Cat

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