Taco Cat Toys Set of 2
Funny Catnip Toys, Taco Cat Toy
Avocado Cat Toy
Funny Catnip Toys, Avocado Cat Toy, Taco Cat toy
Taco Cat Toys (Set of 2)

Taco Cat Toys (Set of 2)

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The taco cat toys will keep your feline purring and happy. Sold in a set of 2, these funny catnip toys feature a taco and an avo-cat-o. The soft material, interesting textures and infusion of catnip will lure your pet into hours of play and cuddle time. These durable plush cat toys are the purr-fect tool for exercising and entertaining house cats of all ages. Special crinkle-paper inside captures kitty’s attention by creating a sound all cats love, while the feathers and aromatic catnip engage all your cat's senses.

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Material: Plush, Catnip and Crinkle Paper

Size: 3”W x 2.7”H x 0.9”D

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