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10 Best Cat Lady Gifts

Gifts for cat ladies are like cat nip for cats - we love receiving them, especially if they happen to be cat themed! Picking something cat related as a gift for a cat person shows thoughtfulness, kindness, and a sense of humor - all things we appreciate. However, the task of finding the perfect cat themed gift may seem daunting. To make things easier, we've created a list of 10 best cat lady gifts she'll love!

1. Crazy Cat Lady T-Shirt

Crazy cat lady t-shirt featuring the text "Crazy Cat Lady" in white printed across the front

With a classic fit and cute design, you can't go wrong with this funny cat lady t-shirt. Featuring the text "Crazy Cat Lady" in white printed across the front and the abstract silhouettes of 4 cats, this funny cat themed tee is comfortable, cute, and functional. Great as an everyday basic, its timeless style and catchy design make it a memorable gift she can wear year round!

2. Love Cats Bodycon Dress

Cat dress for women featuring cute cat faces printed on a black background

Perfect for cat lady fashionistas, this Love Cats dress features a unique cat themed design that stands out! Made from a soft stretchy blend, this dress allows freedom of movement and proves that style does not have to come at the expense of comfort. The dress looks great with tights as well as oversized sweaters and cardigans, making it suitable for all 4 seasons.

3. Calico Cat Travel Mug

This travel mug with cats on it is a thoughtful gift idea for a cat lady

Cat ladies often happen to be coffee lovers, which makes this adorable cat travel mug an everyday essential. This travel mug is the perfect choice if you're looking for something functional and practical, and at the same time cute! Featuring a unique cat themed print of graceful orange kitty cats, it will be a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness and love!

4. Black Cat White Cat Socks

Cat print socks featuring a black and white cat on a pink background perfect as gifts for cat ladies

Nothing says "I love you" quite like a pair of loving cats, and that's what you get with these funny Black Cat White Cat socks. The high-quality print features two kitty cats in love on a vibrant pink background. These socks cover sizes 5-12, so they will fit even if you don't know her shoe size. Comfy, cozy, and just plain adorable, they are a great present for a cat lady!

5. I Heart Whiskers Watch

Cat themed watch featuring cat whiskers, nose, and ears on its dial.

For a cat themed accessory she'll love, pick up this I Heart Whiskers watch. Featuring a cute cat face printed on a black dial, this watch shows everyone that she loves cats. Choose between 5 band colors that can be easily coordinated with any outfit and complement any style.

6. Casual Meow T-Shirt

T-shirt for cat ladies with the text "Meow" printed across the front.

Whether she wears this cat t-shirt with jeans on a casual weekend or pairs it with pajama pants for a lazy day in, she'll love the soft feel and comfy fit of this everyday tee. Made from an extra soft cotton blend, this t-shirt features the inscription "Meow" in white print across the front. Perfect for cat ladies who love clean and simple designs!

7. Meow Tote Bag

Cat themed bag featuring the text "Meow" on a background of cat print

Show her that you speak her language with this beautiful Meow tote bag. Large enough to fit all her essentials and more, this cat themed bag features a unique and stylish design that looks great with both casual and more dressy looks. The cat print in natural colors serves as a background to the beautiful "Meow" inscription. It shows she is a cat person in a subtle yet catchy way.

8. A Cat Lover's Heart Necklace

Cat necklace made from sterling silver and featuring a gold cat in a heart encrusted with crystals

When they said diamonds are a girl's best friend, they clearly forgot that cats trump diamonds every time! If your loved one loves cats even more than jewelry, this Cat Lover's Heart necklace is the perfect choice. Made from sterling silver and encrusted with beautiful zirconia, this cat necklace features a delicate cat inside a heart pendant. With its elegant design and artful details, it is sure to melt a cat lady's heart!

9. Cat Lover's Compromise Coasters

These coasters for cat lovers feature a funny cat quote on a blue background and make for a funny cat themed present for cat ladies

If she can't resist the sweet face of a kitten and that's how you ended up with way too many cats, these funny coasters are a must-have! They are inspired by the situation my husband and I often find ourselves in. The coasters feature the inscription "I wanted a kitten. My husband did not want a kitten. So we compromised and I got a kitten", accurately describing the realities of both marriage and cat ownership.

10. All About My Cat Pajama Set

These light pink cat print pajamas are one of our favorite cat gifts for her

If your loved one loves lounging just as much as your cat does, pick up this cozy All About My Cat pajama set. Designed for lazy cat ladies who know that the best way to spend a day is cuddled up in bed with a loving kitty cat, these cute pajamas feature funny cat print on a light pink background. Made from 100% cotton, they are soft and comfy to wear all night and all day long!

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