10 Best Cat Lady Gifts

Gifts for cat ladies are like cat nip for cats - we love receiving them, especially if they happen to be cat themed! Picking something cat related as a gift for a cat person shows thoughtfulness, kindness, and a sense of humor - all things we appreciate. However, the task of finding the perfect cat themed gift may seem daunting. To make things easier, we've created a list of 10 best cat lady gifts she'll love!

1. One Cat Away From Being A Crazy Cat Lady Socks And Sign Set

One Cat Away From Being A Crazy Cat Lady Socks And Sign Set

One Cat Away From Being A Crazy Cat Lady Socks And Sign Gift Set, $28.50; Sold by

Pick this funny cat socks and sign set and you'll be all set with the perfect cat lady gift! The sign features the words "One Cat Away From Being A Crazy Cat Lady" printed on a gray wooden plaque. It can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf or desk to stand on its own. The natural colors easily match any home decor style. The cat lady socks have cats printed on them and are made of super soft cotton blend. They fit shoe size 5-11 for easy gifting. You can also add gift wrap and voila - you have the perfect cat gift for women who love cats!

2. Normal Cat Lady Kitchen Towel

Normal Cat Lady Kitchen Towel

Normal Cat Lady Kitchen Towel, $11.50; Sold by

I'm a normal cat lady, you're a crazy people person - there's definitely some true to that! This funny cat kitchen towel is made for women who share their cat's sassy catitude! Made from 100% soft cotton and dishwasher safe, it makes doing the dishes and dealing with kitchen chores a lot more fun!

3. Sorry I'm Late Travel Mug

Sorry I'm Late My Cat Was Sitting On Me Travel Mug

Sorry I'm Late Travel Mug, $28; Sold by

Cat ladies often happen to be coffee lovers, which makes this adorable cat travel mug an everyday essential. This travel mug is the perfect choice if you're looking for something functional and practical, and at the same time unique and just plain hilarious! Featuring the words "Sorry I'm Late My Cat Was Sitting On Me", this cat travel mug is sure to make her laugh every time she uses it!

4. Cat Lip Balm

Cat Lip Balm

Cat Lip Balm, $14; Sold by

Whether it's a stocking stuffer or a sweet cat themed gift addition, this cat lip balm is an instant favorite! With a sweet vanilla scent, it is the purr-fect everyday accessory for a cat lady! Small and light enough to fit in any purse, drawer or glove box, it is one of those things she'll carry with her every day.

5. I Heart Whiskers Watch

I Heart Whiskers Watch

I Heart Whiskers Watch, $32.99; Sold by

For a cat themed accessory she'll love, pick up this I Heart Whiskers watch. Featuring a cute cat face printed on a black dial, this watch shows everyone that she loves cats. With its black band and sleek design, it pairs great with virtually any ring or bracelet. The fun cat inspired design immediately stands out and adds a cute accent to any look.

6. Cat Mom Candle

Cat Mom Candle

Cat Mom Candle, $26.50; Sold by

Handcrafted by cat lovers for cat lovers, this cat mom candle is the perfect way to end the day! With a calming twilight breeze scent, it burns for up to 50 hours. It comes in a dark and smokey glass jar giving it a warm rustic look. Sure to please every cat mom!

7. Cat Toy Money Coin Purse

Cat Toy Money

Cat Toy Money Coin Purse, $16.50; Sold by

Being a crazy cat person can be expensive! All the cat toys and treats quickly add up! Help her save for her favorite felines with this funny cat purse! Featuring the words "Cat Toy Money", this purse is perfect for keeping loose change, toiletries, cables and basically the entire content of our so called "junk drawers". Great for travelling and organizing your night stand, it will make you chuckle every time you see it!

8. Feline Harmony Cat Necklace

Feline Harmony Cat Necklace

Feline Harmony Cat Necklace, $45; Sold by

When they said diamonds are a girl's best friend, they clearly forgot that cats trump diamonds every time! If your loved one loves cats even more than jewelry, this Feline Harmony cat necklace is the perfect choice. Made from sterling silver and encrusted with beautiful zirconia, this cat necklace features two cats inside a heart shaped pendant. With its elegant design and artful details, it is sure to melt a cat lady's heart!

9. Love Cats Coasters

Love Cats Coasters

Love Cats Coasters, $28.50; Sold by

Sold in a set of 4, these funny cat coasters make for a memorable and useful cat lady gift. Featuring 4 unique cat inspired designs, they are stone made and corked backed for extra durability. Perfect for keeping your counter tops safe from spills!

10. Black Cat Pajamas

Black Cat Pajamas

Black Cat Pajamas, $28.99; Sold by

If your loved one loves lounging just as much as your cat does, pick up these cozy black cat pajamas. Designed for lazy cat ladies who know that the best way to spend a day is cuddled up in bed with a loving kitty cat, these cute pajamas feature funny black cat print on a super soft and stretchy beige fabric. Cute, comfortable and cat themed, they make cat naps a lot more fun!

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