10 Cat Jewelry Pieces You Will Love

Cat jewelry is a great way to style up an outfit, while at the same time show off your love of felines. Check out our selection of 10 cutest cat jewelry pieces sure to melt the heart of any cat lover!

1. Forest Cat Necklace

Forest Cat Necklace

Forest Cat Necklace, $28; Sold at

We fell in love with the intricate delicate design of this forest cat necklace! It adds just the right amount of spark to any outfit. Made from sterling silver and featuring a cat face pendant, this necklace will help you shine regardless of whether you pair it with a formal black dress or baggy jeans and a t-shirt.

2. Cat with Whiskers Studs

 10 Cat Jewelry Pieces You Will Love, Cat with Whiskers Studs

Cat With Whiskers Stud Earrings, $28.50; Sold at

For a comfy and stylish everyday stunner, pick these adorable cat and whiskers studs. These lightweight earrings feature cute details, such as pointy ears, whiskers, almond eyes, and cute curly tails. Whether you are buying a gift for yourself or for a loved one, these stylish earrings are sure to be a hit!

3. Cat Charm Bracelet

Cat Charm Bracelet

Cat Charm Bracelet, $18.50; Sold at

Bedazzle everyone with this adorable cat charm bracelet! The bracelet features a beautiful combination of serene blue charms and a silver tone cat shaped bead. Featuring an elastic band for easy adjustment and comfortable wear, you can put it on and leave it on all day everyday. Pair it with a stainless still watch for an effortlessly chic cat themed casual look.

4. Flower Cat Shaped Necklace

Flower Cat Shaped Necklace

Flower Cat Shaped Necklace, $28; Sold at

Escape the realm of conventional jewelry with this beautiful flower cat shaped necklace! Featuring a vintage looking link chain in copper tones and an intricate cat shaped pendant decorated with colorful flowers, this charming necklace is the purr-fect accent piece for your everyday look! Sweet, stylish and unique, it lets everybody know that you are a cat person while adding an eye-catching detail to your outfit.

5. Cat On A Pearl Necklace

Cat On A Pearl Necklace

Cat On A Pearl Necklace, $41.99; Sold at

For a jewelry that never goes out of style, pick this beautiful pearl cat necklace. Designed for cat lovers with a classic elegant style, the necklace features a cute kitty cat and a beautiful white pearl. This delicate piece looks great when paired with both casual and formal ensembles.

6. Cat with a Collar Necklace

10 Cat Jewelry Pieces You Will Love, Cat with a Collar Necklace

Cat With A Collar Necklace, $38.99; Sold at

If you are looking for a versatile accessory that can be coordinated with any of your jewelry, pick the cat with a collar necklace. This necklace features silver- and gold-tone details, so it looks stunning with both silver and gold jewelry. The beautiful rhinestones add just a little bit of spark to its clean design. The delicate cat figurine is a subtle hint that you have a soft spot for felines.

7. Cup Of Cats Brooch

Cup Of Cats Brooch

Cup Of Cats Brooch, $12; Sold at

Whether you pin it on your coat, jacket or scarf, this Cup Of Cat Brooch adds a splash of color and some cat inspired cuteness to any outfit! Perfect for cat lovers who also love coffee (or tea), this cute cat brooch makes for a sweet and thoughtful cat themed gift for a loved one. 

8. Paw Prints Adjustable Ring

10 Cat Jewelry Pieces You Will Love, Paw Prints Adjustable Ring

Paw Prints Adjustable Ring, $15.99; Sold at

Any cat lover knows there's nothing cuter than a cat's adorable paws! Whether you're a cat lover or a dog person, or if you just love animals in all shapes and sizes, this paw prints ring will showcase your animal loving nature. ts adjustable size allows you to style it in a variety of different ways, from a regular stand-alone look to a layered ensemble featuring it as a midi ring. The ring also makes for a great gift, as you don't have to worry about knowing your friend's exact ring size.

9. Cat And Moon Stud Earrings

Cat And Moon Stud Earrings

Cat And Moon Stud Earrings, $24.50; Sold at

If you are looking for an everyday accessory that is cute, comfortable to wear, and cat themed, look no further than these charming cat stud earrings. Featuring a cat sitting on a moon crescent, these cat studs are light and delicate - once you put them on you can leave them on all day every day. Sweet yet subtle, they coordinate easily with any of your necklaces and outfits. The beautiful design makes them suitable for formal and casual occasions alike, making them not only the perfect cat themed accessory, but also the perfect cat themed gift!

10. I Love Black Cats Necklace

I Love Black Cats Necklace for cat lovers featuring a black crystal cat pendant and a sterling silver heart

I Love Black Cats Necklace, $42.99; Sold at

This black cat necklace is made for cat lovers who love lucky black cats and enjoy the minimalist style. The necklace features a black cat silhouette encrusted with crystals inside a sterling silver heart-shaped pendant. This cat themed necklace can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Its delicate design makes it perfect for layering whenever you want to experiment with a more interesting look.

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