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10 Best Gifts for Cat Owners

Finding the right gift for a loved one can be tricky and exhausting! Here's a hint though - if they own a cat, then for sure they love cats and all things cat related. Show them that you get it and score tons of best friend points by picking a thoughtful and unique cat themed gift. Here are our suggestions for 10 best gifts that cat owners will absolutely love!

1. Cat Wine Bottle Holder and Cork Container

This cat wine bottle holder and cork container features a cute metal cat figurine in a warm bronze finish, making it easy to coordinate with any home decor and so a great gift for a cat person.

Designed for cat lovers who also love wine, this handmade cat wine stand features a detailed cat figurine in a warm gold bronze finish. The cat figurine has adorable ears, whiskers, and paws that can hold a wine bottle, while its body can be used as a wine cork container. The high-quality dark gold finish fits easily with any home decor style, which makes this cat wine holder a great gift for a cat lover.

Buy the cat wine stand and cork holder as a thoughtful gift for a cat lover they will love!

2. Cats Are Gods Coaster Set

These funny cat coasters are a great choice if you're looking for a unique and funny present for a cat lover.

If your cat owner friend has a sassy sense of humor, they will love these Cats Are Gods coasters. Cork backed for extra durability, these coasters feature the print "In ancient Egypt cats were considered gods. Cats have not forgotten this." Funny, memorable, and one of a kind, these coasters will make your friend chuckle every day. Pair them with our fun Cats Are People Too yellow throw pillow for a the ultimate cat lover bundle!

Pick the Cats Are Gods Coaster Set as a unique cat themed gift for cat lovers.

3. Catfeinated Coffee Mug

This funny cat coffee mug features a cat face with coffee mugs instead of eyes on a white background.

Made for cat people who need a hefty dose of caffeine to jump start their morning and make it through the day, this Catfeinated coffee mug is a great gift if you're looking for something funny and functional. Sure to remind them every morning of what an awesome friend you are, this cat mug has a unique design that puts a smile on your face every time you take a sip. Perfect for taking to the office or enjoying at home, it is a cat lover staple!

Pick this Catfeinated cat coffee mug as a unique gift for people who have cats and love them!

4. Cat Whiskers Plush Slippers

These fluffy cat slippers are available in 4 colors and feature a cute plush cat with heart-shaped nose, whiskers, and 3D ears.

Cuteness overload is guaranteed with these adorable Plush Cat slippers! Featuring 3D ears, heart-shaped nose, and whiskers, these cat slippers are softer than a cat's fur! Available in 4 different colors, they will keep your friend's paws warm and toasty!

Click here to buy these plush cat slippers as a fluffy and cute gift for a cat lover.

5. Vintage Cat Themed Bamboo Watch

With a bamboo dial and a leather band, this kitty cat watch features an engraved cat silhouette on its dial.

Cat watch? Yes, please! Decorated with a cat silhouette engraved on a bamboo dial, this kitty cat watch is perfect for cat lovers with a laid back style. The wooden dial and leather strap give it a warm feel and unique design that stands out!

For the best present with cats on that a cat owner will love, click here to buy this bamboo kitty cat watch.

6. Kitty Paw Cushioned Socks

These soft cushioned cat socks feature a cute cat paw print on a white background.

Show your friend that you know they are a pet person with these cute and comfy Kitty Paw socks. Decorated with a cute paw print, these extra soft high-quality cushioned socks are so comfortable to wear that you would not want to take them off even when going to bed!

Click here to buy these adorable kitty cat paw cushioned socks as a thoughtful gift for  cat lover.

7. Black Cat Journal

This black cat journal features a cute black cat and flowers printed on a white hard-cover notebook.

For something that your friend will use day after day, pick up this cute Black Cat journal. Decorated with a unique black cat print on a white background, this journal is a great way to stay organized. The cute kitty cat brightens up your mood and adds a pinch of cuteness to your busy day.

Click here to surprise a cat owner with this Black Cat journal for a present!

8. Cat Lover Tumbler

This black cat lover tumbler is decorated with white cats printed to form heart shapes.

Perfect for cat owners who are often on the go, this Cat Lover tumbler features white cats printed in a heart shape on a black background. With its 20 ounce capacity, it keeps you hydrated and lets you enjoy your favorite beverage on the road, in the office, or while running errands.

Click here to buy the Cat Lover tumbler and surprise a cat owner friend with a unique cat themed gift.

9. Home Is Where the Cat Is Wall Canvas

This wall canvas art features a cute cat and the text "Home Is Where the Cat Is" printed on a blue background.

Every cat owner knows that their cat is an inseparable part of their family. Show them that you get it with this cat wall decor. Featuring a black cat and the text "Home Is Where the Cat Is" printed on a light blue background, this canvas brings a cozy homey feel to any space.

Click here to buy this Home Is Where the Cat Is wall canvas as a unique cat home decoration that makes a great cat lover gift.

10. Meow Tote Bag

This Meow cat tote bag features the text "Meow" printed on a background of cats in green and orange hues.

If your cat lover friend believes that you can never have too many bags, cats, and shoes, then this Meow bag is a must-have! Featuring a dreamy Meow print on a green and orange cat pattern background, this cat tote is perfect for carrying your everyday things!


Click here to buy this unique Meow bag as a cute present for cat lovers.

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