10 Must Have Cat Themed Summer Accessories

Make a splash this summer with these 10 adorable cat themed accessories! Cute, unique, and perfect for cat lovers, these cat themed accessories will make your summer outfits a bit more fun, a lot more interesting, and totally you!

1. Feline Good Water Bottle

Feline Good Water Bottle

Feline Good Water Bottle, $26; Sold by

Staying hydrated is one of our top priorities during the hot summer days and what better way to do that than with this cute Feline Good cat water bottle! With its 18.5 ounce capacity it features a cute cat wearing glasses and the words "Feline Good" printed playfully on a clear plastic. Take it with you at work, in the car, or while running errands and enjoy your favorite cold beverage on the go!

2. Cats Are My Bag Organic Tote

Cats Are My Bag Organic Tote

Cats Are My Bag Organic Tote, $24.50; Sold by

Weekend getaways and beach trips are more fun with this cat tote bag! Spacious enough to fit your short trip essentials and your beach day must-haves, this cat tote is made of 100% organic cotton. It features the words "Cats Are My Bag" playfully printed in silver ink across the front. The sturdy construction will allow you to enjoy this bag season after season even if you don't pack lightly.

3. Cat Charm Bracelet

Cat Charm Bracelet

Cat Charm Bracelet, $18.50; Sold by

Wearing jewelry during the summer can be tricky and uncomfortable. It's hot, you are in and out of the house, often at the pool or covered in sand - it's no time for delicate metals or sharp gems. So pick up this extra light cat charm bracelet for a summer cat jewelry you'll love wearing every day! Made from beautiful blue beads, this bracelet can go with you to the beach, in the pool, and wherever your active summer lifestyle takes you!

4. Cat's Whiskers Planter

Cat's Whiskers Planter

Cat's Whiskers Planter, $28.50; Sold by

Summertime is the best time to step up your gardening game! This cute cat planter is just what you need to bring a unique cat friendly note to your garden or patio! The perfect size for planting herbs, pansies or other annuals, this cute cat flower pot can be hung or left to stand on its own. Made of beautiful white ceramic and shaped as a white kitty cat, it adds a fun twist to a garden staple!

5. Meow You See Me Cat Glasses Case

Meow You See Me Cat Glasses Case

Meow You See Me Cat Glasses Case, $26.50; Sold by

Keep your glasses protected from dust, sand, and curious paws with this cute Meow You See Me cat glasses case! Decorated with a white kitty cat and the words "Meow You See Me" printed on the front and "Meow You Don't" printed on the back, it fits easily in any of your bags and purses. The light pink color brightens up your mood whether you use it at the beach, at the pool, or at home. The pink hearts add a fun splash of color you just can't resist!

6. All in a Cat's Day Watch

All In A Cat's Day Watch

All In A Cat's Day Watch, $35.99; Sold by

Stay on top of your schedule and on time with this All in a Cat's Day watch. Every hour is denoted by an adorable cat following her daily routine, so you can always guess what your cat is up to by looking at your watch. The classic white band color gives this cat watch a summer vibe that refreshes any outfit and stands out whatever you choose to wear.

7. Paw Prints Adjustable Ring

Paw Prints Adjustable Ring

Paw Prints Adjustable Ring, $15.99; Sold by

Whether you wear it on your fingers or your toes, this adorable cat paw print ring is a fun addition to your cat jewelry collection. The adjustable band allows for so many options - you can turn it into a midi ring or a toe ring depending on the occasion. It looks great on sandy feet, too!

8. Happy Cat Wine Bottle Stopper

Cat Wine Bottle Stopper

Cat Wine Bottle Stopper, $18.50; Sold by

Barbecues and family get-together's will not be the same without this adorable cat wine bottle stopper! Shaped as a cute gray kitty cat, this cat bottle stopper keeps your wine sealed, fresh and tasty. The purr-fect way to add a little nod to your favorite pet whenever you're hosting a party, it brings a fun twist to your kitchen essentials.

9. Cutie Cat Tassel Rug

Cutie Cat Tassel Rug

Cutie Cat Tassel Rug, $36; Sold by

Give your home a summer makeover with this adorable Cutie Cat tassel rug! Featuring white cats printed on a light blue fabric, this cat rug adds a splash of color and some cat inspired cuteness to any place. Place it in your entry way, kitchen or bathroom as a unique accent piece that brightens up your home decor and matches your carefree summer mood!

10. Cat Hair Clip

Cat Hair Clip

Cat Hair Clip $12.50; Sold by

Messy hair is no match for this cat hair clip! Shaped as a cute cat with a pearl for a nose, is is the perfect cat themed summer accessory to keep handy whenever you got to the beach. Whether you're trying to tame your curls or give your hair some volume, it will give any hairdo a fun and stylish look!

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