10 Cat Fails To Make You Laugh Today

10 Cat Fails To Make You Laugh

Nothing makes us laugh more than watching funny cat videos! If you need an instant mood booster, check out these 10 cat fail videos that will make you laugh out loud!

1. The Sleeping Beauty/Lion King Moment

This funny cat didn't have the smoothest wake up! Who knew taking naps can be dangerous!


Cat fail! from r/cats



2. Failure To Launch

Trying to get to the cat treats, Felix? Try again! Those slippery kitchen counters are no joke!

My cat failed to launch from r/cats


3. The Hair Tie Strikes Back

 Cat versus hair tie! We've seen this funny cat fail time and time again!

Undead cat fails to recognize this stretchy circle contains no life force from r/CatsAreUndead


4. Trying to Reach The Stars

Sometimes cats are too curious for their own good! This cute white cat tries to reach the top of the door only to find itself on the floor. Good try though!

funny, cat, fail, animal, jumping, hilarious, cat fail, justviralnet from r/gifbot


5. Costume Malfunction

Most cats hate costumes. This adorable black cat is trying hard to get out of one when things go terribly wrong!

Costumed cat fail from r/catpranks


6. Thirsty Cat

Some cats love drinking from the tab. This cute kitten, however, is still unsure about the quality of the drinking water.

funny, cute, cat, fail, drink, drinking, aww, eyebleach, fountain, faucet from r/gifbot


7. Watch Your Step Fail

Too much excitement for this fierce feline! We're not sure if she was going after a treat or a toy, but she failed to watch her step. Not the smoothest landing, Trixie!


Cat fails to enter a door. from r/ItWasUnlocked


8. The Little Gymnast

They say cats always land on their feet. Not this adorable kitten, though! Who knew that cat toys can be so tricky to catch!

When my cat failed at being a cat. from r/cats


9. Big Cat Small Door

This fluffy cat needs a diet ... or a bigger cat door! She finally makes it through though! A for effort!

funny, cat, fail, animal, door from r/gifbot


10. Big Cats Fail Too

Cat fails are not only for lazy domestic cats! Watch this big cat fail to find the purr-fect rubbing spot!

Big cat fails from r/gifs

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