Cats With Jobs: 5 Cats Who Landed Their Dream Job

Some cats get to spend most of their days lying around the house and doing nothing. And this sounds like a dream job to us! Others, however, are hard at work. Check out these 5 cats who landed their dream jobs!

1. The Cab Driver Cat

Meet Alexander and his cat Tee. Tee is Alexander's side kick while he drives a cab in Ukraine. Tee is very sociable and loves cuddling up to people. The customers love him too, as he is an instant mood booster! We can only dream of experiencing this ride share!

2. The Dog Trainer Cat

Cat Who Works As A Dog Trainer

Source: AP

This cute cat named D-O-G has a rather surprising occupation. D-O-G works as a dog trainer in Support Dogs, Inc. - a training center for dogs in Saint Louis. Assistance dogs need to be comfortable near other animals and keep their focus even when distractions abound. And D-O-G provides plenty of distractions! The trainer cat plays with the dogs' tails, sleeps in their beds and drinks from their bowls. All this helps assistance dogs become well-behaved and able to help people who are deaf or have mobility problems. Playing with dogs while staying well-fed and hydrated - now that's a job we'd love to have!

3. The Crossing Guard Cat

Cat Whose Job Is To Be A Crossing Guard

Source: The Oregonian

Meet Sable - the 15-year-old cat from West Richand, Washington, who guards the school kids as they cross the street. Every day twice a day Sable will walk to the nearby street corner and make sure the kids cross the street safely. His curious nature drew him to the line of kids crossing the street twice daily, and now he routinely stands on the street corner - a habit that earned him the nickname "the crossing guard cat". Thank you, Sable, for keeping an eye on the little ones!

4. The Cat Nurse

Cat Who Works At A Nursing Home

Source: Crossroads Hospice

Oscar puzzled patients and doctors alike with his ability to "predict" death and comfort patients in their final hours. Oscar was a therapy cat in the dementia unit in a nursing and rehabilitation home in Rhode Island. According to the doctors at the unit, he was a rather scaredy cat, but he would go out of his hiding spot and crawl up to dying patients for comfort.

5. The Model Cat

The Grumpy Cat

Photo Credit: Bret Hartman/AP Images for Friskies; Source: Business Insider

The Grumpy Cat has become one of the most famous pets worldwide, with 2.4 million Instagram followers and 1.4 million Twitter followers in the 5 years this adorable kitty ruled the Internet! The Grumpy Cat's story began with one Reddit picture that quickly went viral. Grumpy Cat and her mom, Tabatha, started the Grumpy Cat Limited company, inspired by the feline's famous frown. The company generated nearly $100 million in paid appearances, modelling and book deals. Now that's what we call a successful model-entrepreneur!

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